Special And Unique Features Of Custom Velcro Patches

Velcro strips are a hook and loop fastener that helps in attaching a patch or an emblem to a cloth, thread or fabric. These are very useful for covering a boy scout or school uniform patch. They can be made with any if the imprinting methods and is suitable for all types of patches like embroidered, leather and PVC patches. Businesses or Companies that use jackets, caps, or other items for more than one person can apply custom Velcro strips for their logo patches.

Features of a Velcro Strip

A Velcro strip is a default fastener for morale patches due to possessing several features.

  • They are easy to attach. Velcro patches can be sewed to clothing using a simple sewing machine. These can be conveniently detached and allow flexibility to you. They rarely fall off and you can freely display your professional identity.
  • They are easily detachable. Once you are done with your event or wish to change the patch on your shirts, jackets, caps, etc, you can easily detach a Velcro patch and replace it with a new morale patch.
  • They allow flexibility and convenience. Velcro strips save a lot of time that can be consumed in stitching and replacing the patch on the clothing by other types of patches. The amount that is taken by other patches for production is less with Velcro.
  • They are stylish. Velcro patches give the individuals a much-needed personality and do not look shabby or out of place.

Velcro strips can also be attached to the clothing using an iron if they are needed for a more long-lasting purpose. Patches needed for a school and boy scouts uniform can use the iron-on Velcro strips so that they don’t fall off quickly.

The custom velcro patches are great for temporary use if you are looking for strong materials. They are convenient and flexible and look stylish.

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