Return to Office the Right Way with These Office Stationery Products

As Covid-19 takes a backseat and the world tries to return to its old ways, offices are opening with precautions in place. Employees will once again be able to enjoy coffee and cigarette breaks between incessant work and all the fun activities that make working together an enjoyable experience. Due to covid-19, millions of people in the workforce in the country were asked to work remotely and be online for innumerable hours.

Working from home did have its advantages of being remote, and hence being close to loved ones, but it is also a lonesome and draining way of working. To rise the spirits of the workforce once again, many companies today are switching to hybrid models, where employees work out of the office for a designated number of days and the rest out of their own homes! If you are an employee who is returning to the office once again, then here are a few important stationery items for you to stock up on. These will help you adjust back into corporate life in no time and leave you feeling comfortable and satisfied too.


Notepads are versatile notebooks that can be carried anywhere due to their small size. Notepads are particularly helpful to create daily to-do lists, priority lists, running notes, ideas, and contacts of people too. Using a notepad means that you always have a safe place to store important information at when digital platforms aren’t reliable.


Having a stylish and ergonomically pen always comes in handy at the workplace. Luxury pens have a unique elegance that is quiet yet impressive. Luxury pens like a PaperKraft pen can make for a style statement while also being helpful in signing documents, writing notes or editing work.

Those who love colours in their notes must look to carry colourful gel pens. These are smooth to use and brilliantly radiant on paper, making work notes and boring project ideas more interesting to read and create.

Notebooks/ Organiser

A soft, and well-bound notebook with smooth pages is essential for a workday in the office. With numerous meetings and calls filling your schedules it is hard to keep track of what’s being discussed without writing it down. Hence having an organiser or a notebook helps keep track of your meetings, so you never miss a beat and always stay on track. Buy this stationery online at ITC Store.


Post-its or stickies are colourful reminders which can work as bookmarks and more as and when required. You can use this on documents, in notebooks, on your desk and more. The sheer colours of post-its will also make your desk look more approachable and friendly.

Pencil Pouch

A pencil pouch can help you keep all your stationery items in place. This includes pins, clips, pens, erasers, tape, tags, staples, a punching machine and more. Having one place to store all your stationery in will help you remain organised and ready to handle any task that comes your way.

Other than these important items, make sure to also keep a few personal photos and plants of your choice on your desk to make it look lively. A sturdy water bottle, a high-quality lunchbox and a bag would also be helpful for your renewed office journey.

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