The Best Tips and Tricks when Buying a Piano

Purchasing a piano can be intimidating especially if you don’t know where to start.  If you have been playing the piano for a while, you know the significance of a high-quality instrument. Thus, if you are new to pianos, you may not know what to look for. To help you get started, here are some tips:

To Buy or Rent a Piano

Depending on your financial situation, renting a piano can be an excellent option. It provides you with the opportunity to try out the piano before you commit to buying it. Renting is a good option for parents with children who are starting lessons. But, if you can afford it, buying either a new or used piano will help you achieve a milestone.

Kinds of Piano

When buying a piano, the first decision you should make is the kind to go for. Here are your options:

  • Grand pianos. These pianos have a classic shape and efficient design which makes them the most prized of all kinds of pianos. They have many inherent benefits over their counterparts. For instance, their horizontal, gravity-assisted actions provide with better control and allow for faster notes repetition.

  • Vertical pianos. These pianos have strings that run from top to bottom. This kind of piano is designed to fit against a wall. You can find plenty of options if you prefer a used upright piano.
  • Digital pianos. These pianos play and sound a lot like acoustic pianos. The main difference is that their sound is generated electronically rather than with felt hammers, a soundboard, or strings. Although experienced pianists prefer acoustic pianos, starters may have fun imitating sounds such as drums, whistles, and guitars on the digital piano.

Piano Brands

Shopping for pianos by brand names is not easy. The majority of manufacturers make pianos with many levels of quality. If you are looking to buy a piano from major brands, you must know a model’s level of quality. Make sure to ask the salesperson and research the model you are thinking about buying online.

Places to Buy Pianos

To make a smart choice, make sure to see and compare a wide selection of pianos in the market. Great piano dealers know this and offer a huge display of piano models customers can pick from. When choosing a piano dealer, look out for one that is picked to present the best brands in every price range. Also, they need to have the experience and resources to help you make smooth purchases. You can learn about their reputation by reading reviews online.

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