Ways You Can Prevent Spit-Back From Occurring With Your Vaping Device

Whether you are a novice or an experienced vaper, it is unpleasant when your vaping device decides to spit out hot e-liquid into your mouth while taking a drag on it. The primary reason for spit-back happening with your vaping device is too much liquid in the centre of your coil, which bubbles and pops as it is heated. Although it is not dangerous, it can be unpleasant, but there are things you can do to prevent this. Below are some tips to help reduce spit-back from your vaping device, ensure it remains a pleasurable experience and enables you to quit smoking.

Be Careful Priming Your Coil

Before using your vaping device, you will need to prime your coil to increase its lifespan and ensure your vape juice tastes delicious. However, you must also ensure you do not over-prime it, which can cause liquid to build up in the centre of the coils, which spits out when the device heats up. Ensure you prime your coil slowly, whether you use salt nic or regular e-liquid, and when the wick starts to change colour, the task is complete and do not prime it anymore.

Flick The Tank

You can also flick the tank to eliminate excess liquid in the centre of the coil. To do this, you should do this over a sink or go outside to ensure you do not make a mess. Give the vaping device a few short and sharp flicks downward, and you will see the liquid fly out. Do this occasionally, which will help reduce the liquid building up and spitting in your mouth when you use the vape device.

Fire Your Battery

Another way to prevent your vaping device from spitting in your mouth is by firing the device first for a couple of seconds before inhaling from it. Keep repeating the process, and when you do not hear any pops, you can take a drag from your device without worrying about it spitting in your mouth and burning it.

Increase The Power

Another way you can stop your vaping device from spitting is by increasing its power if you have a device with a variable wattage control. Having the power set too low can cause the coil to have issues vaporising the liquid correctly, so turning it up can solve this issue and stop it from spitting in your mouth. However, if your vaping device does not have variable wattage control, consider getting one that does.

Cover Your Mouthpiece

You can also cover the mouthpiece of your vaping device, which can help to prevent it from spitting hot vape juice into your mouth. You can use a pipe screen to do this, a fine metal mesh that allows the vapour to travel freely but stops a lot of spitting liquid.

Get into the habit of checking your vaping device for liquid in the coil, and you can help prevent burning your mouth when it spits hot vapour at you. Doing so can help enhance your vaping experience and make it much more pleasurable.

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