Confused About Buying A New Refrigerator? Here’s An Easy Guide!

If you own a refrigerator that’s more than 15 years old, you should consider replacing it for two reasons. Firstly, the number of features and styles has increased massively in the last decade, and secondly, you can save huge on energy bills by opting for an Energy Star® Certified model.  Besides checking for marques de réfrigérateurs, there are a few more basic aspects that need attention. Here is a guide that will sort choices for your purchase.


Capacity of a refrigerator is typically measured in cubic feet or liters. For a household of two to three people, a model with capacity of 250 liters or more should be more than enough. Many homeowners prefer a bigger model, but that’s a matter of personal choice.


From five-door refrigerators to ones that have side-by-side doors, the range is practically huge, and it really depends on two factors – budget and space. If yours is a small home, make it a point to measure the space available for a new model before comparing options. Typically, the more doors a refrigerator has, the more expensive it is.


This is often an overlooked factor. There are refrigerators that have been designed in a way that the space is maximized inside. We suggest that you consider the dimensions, especially the depth, do understand this aspect better. Check the number of shelves and bins, and make sure that these are adjustable.

Advanced features

Some refrigerators do have a water/ice dispenser, while most new models have touch or digital panels that allow users to adjust temperature and other settings. The features also depend on the brand and will add to the price, so consider what you really need. For example, a remote-based model doesn’t make as much sense as another that has convertible compartments.

Brand does matter

Branded models are always Energy Star® Certified, and you can expect to get a warranty on the product. It is important to think of refrigerator as an investment for the next decade or so, and therefore, in case you need help with repairs and replacement parts, you are likely to find services for branded models more than the odd companies.

Finally, we recommend that you think of the use. If you plan to expand your family or want to move to a bigger house in near future, buying a bigger and better refrigerator is always a wise idea. Decide your budget and sort accordingly.

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