Quick Guide for Buying the Perfect Trail Camera for Hunting!

If you are into hunting, it is very likely that you have tried the tried some of the better technologies and gear that are now available in the market. Among other things, you will also need a deer camera, also called trail camera by many. For the uninitiated, a trail camera is used for the purpose of identifying deer trails, for which it is strategically placed in the hunting area.  Trail cameras come really handy for hunting at night when deer herds cannot be seen or spotted with naked vision. In many parts of the globe, hunters use trail camera for expansive areas that have considerable population. If you plan to buy one, below are some of the things to check for.

  • Start with picture quality. That’s an obvious consideration while buying a camera. The best ones have 16MP lenses and can take amazing pictures both in the day and night. For night time needs, the camera should be able to take grayscale pictures that are high on contrast.
  • Option for video recording. Not all trail cameras have that feature, but video recording is a good advantage to have. The storage also determines the length of videos, but don’t compromise on the resolution, which is more important. Audio recording is also important. Deer cameras often have a built-in microphone that can record sounds at night, adding more fun to the videos.

  • Trigger Speed. Before you buy a trail camera, check the trigger speed, which should be ideally as fast as possible. Basically, the trigger speed ensures that the camera starts capturing images as soon as the animal movement is within the range. The detection range is also important, which should be as expansive as possible for large hunting areas. Check if the camera uses Infrared Technology, which helps in taking better pictures but without the flash.
  • Don’t miss the user interface. Having an LCD screen for your camera will come handy in checking images, in case you don’t have a laptop along. The interface needs to be an easy one, so that anyone with limited technical knowledge can use it.
  • Storage counts. Most cameras do have room for storage but since the video quality is important, you may not be able to store a lot. A capacity of 32GB can be considered enough for budget buyers looking for decent trail cameras.

Finally, don’t miss checking the mounting options!

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