Do Companies Care About CBD Usage?

Does the idea that CBD is a “miracle plant” exist? And if so, why are government agencies and parents paying for research into CBD and its benefits? These are important questions that have been raised by consumers and companies alike, but the answer may surprise you. While there are no studies that prove CBD is harmful to adults, there are clear signs that it could be harmful to children.

The question of “do companies care about CBD leaves detectible traces?” has been on the lips of many parents as the legalization of medical marijuana gained momentum. With more parents are choosing to use CBD for their children, and with CBD being available in vapor form and in lotions, the questions arose. While there isn’t any definitive answer to this question, one thing is clear: most companies do care about CBD usage, because it’s cheaper for them.

When compared to other pharmaceuticals and herbal remedies, CBD is certainly lower in price. It costs about $5 per ounce of cannabis flower or oil, as opposed to more than a dollar for brand name pharmaceuticals. As such, parents who want to use this remedy for their children have a couple of options. They can choose to grow cannabis on their own property, without the help of an expert gardener; or they can buy CBD oil and use it in vapor form, inhaling it like tea, to be absorbed through the lungs. Many who have tried this method to report a decrease in the intensity of the seizures suffered by their children.

However, some parents aren’t convinced that CBD should be so readily available. In fact, they claim that the government is more concerned about protecting children from addictive substances, than they are about cannabis. While it’s true that the government has placed limits on the amount of THC (the substance found in marijuana) that can be contained in a product, CBD is not regulated the same way. There is no limit on the amount of CBD you can include in your child’s ADHD medication, for example. Companies selling ADHD medication containing CBD, therefore, may be guilty of taking advantage of parents by selling products that are misaligned with federal guidelines.

When parents are looking for treatment options for their children suffering from attention deficit disorder (ADD), cancer, seizure disorders, and other ailments, they should not have to settle for second best. There are new supplements being developed each day that will make a difference for these parents and their patients. CBD for ADHD and CBD for cancer are two ingredients that companies that specialize in homeopathic treatments are currently working on. If you would like to find out more about them and how they can help you and your family, please visit their websites.

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