How to Choose the Right Mattress for you and your Partner

If you sleep with your partner, you might want to get a mattress that allows you to sleep in comfort. To choose the right mattress for couples, consider the tips below:

Choose the Mattress that Doesn’t Disturb your Partner’s Sleep

A great mattress for couples provides little to no partner disturbance. Thus, if one of you moves, the other partner must not be able to feel the move. Sleeping on a mattress that transmits movement greatly from your partner will give you restless nights. For this need, think about investing in a latex mattress. This mattress lacks partner disturbance and is the most comfortable kind of mattress in the market. You can get a good latex mattress at luxtex.

Ensure the Mattress Allows Lots of Space

You and your spouse can only get a good night’s sleep if you have the correct bed size. Ideally, you will want to sleep on a king size mattress. But, if the dimensions of your bedroom do not allow a king size, consider a queen size.

Pick a Mattress and Bed Base with Customized Firmness Level

You and your spouse may have different preferences in terms of mattress firmness. Fortunately, many mattress companies let you choose two different levels of firmness on the mattress. This way, every partner gets to sleep on a mattress of your preferred density. But, the mattress’ firmness level won’t be a problem if you both have the same preferences.

Moreover, the firmness level should also be considered in terms of the bed base. Fortunately, many suppliers provide adjustable spring slatted bases. Every half of the base can be adjusted separately to cater to your needs and your spouse’s.

Consider Mattress Support

In terms of mattress support, you want to maintain a neutral spine so a great mattress will support in a lot of different sleeping positions. This is even more important for couples. Keep in mind that the more weight on the mattress, the more pressure so it needs more support. When you sleep in a mattress that has poor support, it tends to slope toward the heavier partner, causing the other to roll toward them. When it comes to mattress support, the material the mattress is made of matters. For instance, a foam mattress supports every partner where they need it even if they have different sleeping positions and body types.

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