How Pocket Perfumes are more convenient than traditional ones?

Perfumes are an underrated accessory that can really lift not only your outfit for the day but also your persona. Wearing perfume, especially something that goes well with your personality just adds a new dimension to your image. There are tons of perfumes available in the market today that are enchanting and bursting with confidence. The perfume market for men especially consists of a great randy of woody, citrus and oriental fragrances that are enticing, pleasant and attractive. However, if you lead an active lifestyle and need refreshment often, traditional perfumes turn out to be a hassle. This is where a pocket perfume comes in handy.


Most perfumes today come in exquisite and delicate bottles that are designed to exude luxury and grace. But the greatest disadvantage is that these bottles are usually made of glass and are heavy to carry around. It also must be noted that perfumes are inflammable and carrying a huge amount could even be dangerous near a fire.

A pocket perfume usually comes in a plastic bottle that is small and can, as its name suggests, fit into one’s pocket easily.  Pocket perfumes are easy to carry around and spray anywhere. Especially if you need to re-use your perfume every 3-4 hours, a pocket perfume is the best option.


Most perfumes come in big glass bottles and in their entirety, they tend to cost a lot. Pocket perfumes, due to their smaller size, cost much less and are hence a cost-effective way to keep yourself refreshed without burning a hole in your pocket.

Wide variety

Buying a traditional perfume bottle means more quantity but it also entails commitment. Since you don’t want your money to go to waste, you will have to use perfume even if you are bored of it or need something new. Due to its lower quantity, pocket perfumes become a great option if you love experimenting with fragrances and don’t want to commit a single perfume for months on end.

Unique fragrances for different occasions

Every occasion calls for a different fragrance. You can’t wear an over the top perfume at your workplace and neither should you wear a muted fragrance at a party. Since buying several traditional perfumes can be stressful for your wallet, an easy solution for having a wide range of fragrances at your disposal is pocket perfume.

Other than this, you must also remember that most men tend to produce more sweat and oil than women. This is one of the main reasons why male products are usually more intense and harsher. For the same reason, most males also require long-lasting high-quality fragrances too. This is why pocket perfumes for men become godsent.

The house of Engage has a range of long-lasting, intense, and high-quality pocket perfumes for men. Engage ON Cool Marine Pocket Perfume for Men is one such great pocket perfume. It is a mix of citrus and woody that adds an instant desirable effect once worn. It’s a perfectly timeless scent that gives you an attractive and intense edge and leaves you feeling fresh for up to 24 hours. One Engage pocket perfume last gives you 250 sprays in all; hence you don’t need to worry about your perfume running out too quickly! If you want the benefits of a traditional perfume without paying too much or committing to a huge quantity, a pocket perfume is the best option for you, so switch today!

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