Why Buy Cannabis from Dispensaries Rather Than Dealers?

The stigma associated with cannabis has given rise to the black market. Even though medical cannabis is getting legalized in the majority of states, dealers always find ways to market their products. There are legal marijuana dispensaries, where cannabis can be legally sold and bought but still black market thrives.

Acres, is a legalized dispensary in Las Vegas that offers more than what you can get from the local dealers. Buying cannabis products outside dispensary is still illegal and get you penalized.

Several reasons to buy Cannabis from dispensary rather than dealers


Dealers have no hint of the cultivation method or harvesting process or pesticides or nutrients used in farming the weeds. There is no assurance about cannabis purity as they don’t grow it. A medical marijuana dispensary has a reputation and has to fulfill state regulation to maintain its license. The dispensary always makes an effort to promote high-quality lab-tested products. Beside the budtender and staff is well trained to help consumers.


Dealers are influenced by profitable deals and don’t have a business aim to sustain good customer service relationships. It is just a demand and supply transaction. On the other hand, the local marijuana dispensary goes beyond to build credibility with its customers offering premium products and great customer service.


Dealers hardly offer more than one strain. There is no menu, so you are not aware of its cannabinoid levels. Without such details, you find it hard to choose a product to enjoy its effect. You have to buy what the dealer has. Cannabis dispensaries are regulated by the states. To comply and compete, dispensaries need to have a collection of rightly labeled marijuana strains and derivative products.

On Acres, you will see a stock of branded edibles, tinctures, concentrates, and beverages. You can even look for equipment and accessories associated with cannabis vaping and smoking.


Local and state taxes can increase cannabis product cost at the dispensary but they manage prices in different ways like buying in bulk. You don’t need to be concerned about the product quality in a dispensary. Dealer’s prices are based on supply and demand, which hardly has a connection with product quality.

Black market marijuana supports the criminals and as it is grown illegally by growers with no respect for the environment. It means you will be supporting harmful practices and expose yourself to health risks. It is wise to look for a reliable dispensary to buy your high-quality cannabis products without any legal or health concerns.

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