Find a Right Size of Box for Shipping

If you are involved in e-commerce business then you will have regular orders coming and your products will be waiting for shipping. You just have to find right size of the box so that you can quickly pack and ship it.

Initially, this may look like a very straightforward task. Just you need to find a box of right dimensions and you are done. However, there can be few common questions as well as mistakes which may cause problems for your e-commerce businesses.

Here in this post, we shall try to address few important questions to help you get the perfect size of bulk custom boxes for your needs.

What are you going to ship?

You need to start from the basics like what product will you ship and how big the product is etc. You need to measure the dimensions of the item like its length, width and height.

Now whether your item is of standard shape and size or whether it is a special item which may not fit in a standard box? Is it possible to try to fit within a smaller box?

In order cases, look for such a box which is big enough to fit the product. If you choose too big box then you will pay more for its packaging materials and also shipping charges.

If your product is not fragile e.g. shipping any T-shirt or book then you need not worry too much about filling with protective packaging for holding the item in its place.

If the item on the other hand is fragile then you need to take extra care for preventing the damage. There must be extra space around your product and need to fill the void with tissue paper, craft paper or bubble wrap.

How to measure dimension of box?

The dimensions of boxes are always measured by its internal measurements and not external. The length, breadth and height will be its interior dimension and the external dimension will be just by adding the thickness of the material of the box.

Are you shipping single or multiple products?

In the e-commerce businesses you may have to often deal with diverse kinds of products and your customers may also buy in variety of combinations. Therefore, on many occasions you may even try to fit more than one item into a single box.

Therefore, you need to buy several sizes of boxes in order to take care of your orders.



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