Why your Drone Needs A Case

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Protective cases are about security. Your drone is a complex piece of fragile machinery, and being able to have peace of mind over any potential accidents while your drone isn’t being used can be a very positive thing. Your smartphone, which is significantly smaller than a drone, has a protective case. So does your laptop, and likely, several other of your gadgets have some kind of protective case. Even games come in cases, and you can find cases to store multiple disks and cartridges in right next to them in stores.

Your Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV), or drones, need a lot of care when they’re being transported, the smallest knock could damage its surface, or even loosen the wiring inside; which could stop your drone from working. Protecting your UAV, and its accessories, should be one of your priorities, whether you’re a UAV hobbyist, or a drone operator.
Zarges offer a range of aluminium cases to provide the best protection for your drone and equipment.

Programs that have strict Space, Weight and Power budgets benefit from the lighter weight of an aluminium case, and the greater usable space that it offers when compared to standard plastic cases. Zarges cases have been designed to meet multiple MIL specs, and UN Certification for hazmat transport and storage is also available as an option. Zarges is a market leader in UAV cases, and boasts more usable internal volume per cubic foot in their cases, which are also easily stackable.

Each aluminium case delivers excellent durability, and can withstand temperature ranges of -238° to 302° F. They are also UV, water, weather and corrosion resistant. In addition, ZARGES cases are also customizable. With these custom sized cases and custom foam inserts, designed specifically for your machine, your purpose made Zarges aluminium case can house both your drone and all of its accessories, including extra batteries, chargers, and remote controls. Custom Capabilities also include custom reinforcement, custom finishes and paints, branding application, and sizes to fit any application.

With Zarges, you’ll find endless reasons to buy one of their cases. Along with the extensive customization, cases can house a cooling unit, and you have the choice of plastic or aluminium divider plates and load spreaders.

The reason that Zarges use aluminium is because it’s light and hardy. Aluminium, despite its light weight, is actually quite dense; being 1/3rd the density of steel. Aluminium is also impervious to water vapour, even under long-term storage, and the material is not impact-sensitive, despite how many knocks the case may take. Better the case get banged up than your drone.

And if you are worried about the potential of magnets knocking out your circuits or other electronics, you don’t need to be – aluminium is magnetically neutral. This adaptable material is also fully recyclable, non-flammable, and easy to decontaminate.

Zarges make protecting your drone simple. With their range of pre-built and customizable cases, you’re sure to find the right case to keep your drone safe and free from accidental damages.