While Buying Used Cars, What Is More Important, Miles Or Age?

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When many of us try to negotiate for any old used car, often we try to assess the price either based on its age or the number miles it has run. Any 6 year old car will be less priced than any 1 year old car. Similarly, if a car has run 100,000 miles will certainly be less expensive as compared to car which has run merely 30,000 miles. Therefore, what should be the criteria to decide the price?

Mileage is important

While buying an old used car, mileage is one of the important factors to check in order to evaluate its condition. Therefore, if you get car with 50,000 mile will certainly be more attractive as compared to any car with 170,000 miles. All mechanical parts of engine and other moving components will certainly wear out more if it has rum more mileage.  The life of these parts is based on their mileage.

Having said that it is interesting to know how the car has added mileage. If it has run within city then it is going to have more wear and tear as compared to car that has run on the highway. Also if the car owner is very particular about its maintenance and changes engine oils as per the schedule will last much longer as compared to car which was not maintained at all. Even a better maintained car with higher mileage is better than lower mileage with no maintenance.

Age of car is also important

We have talked about mileage, and now let us talk about age. Car’s age also matters a lot and sometime more important than mileage. If a 10 year car has run only 45,000 miles can be appealing if the car was taken very good care by the owner. However, there is one concern with older car with low mileage is that its rubber parts and components have not aged well.

On the other hand, a 5 year old car which has hardly run can give more concern as compared to any 10 year old car that was well maintained throughout.


If you are negotiating for any old Mercedes Benz cars, then neither the age nor the mileage is important criteria to check. The most important thing to see would be how the car owner has driven the car and how well his followed the entire maintenance schedule. That is the main reason it is important to inspect the car thoroughly before you decide to buy any old car.