Three Tips to Keep in Mind for a Successful Spring Cleaning

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Warmer temperatures and sunny weather will soon take over the cold. So it only makes sense to start thinking about spring preparations that include spring cleaning. This is a perfect chance to start fresh. Before spring comes, it is best to have some advanced ideas on how to go about your cleaning plans. Consider the tips below:

Focus on Decluttering First

Do not start with deep cleaning right away. Try to focus first on decluttering whatever it is that has piled up over the long winter. This ensures you don’t miss a cleaning task. When decluttering, categorize the items into two piles; one for those that you can donate and another for those that you can throw away. Try to complete the decluttering in just one day including dropping off items for donations. This way, you can start with a new cleaning task the following day.

Prepare your Cleaning Tools

When cleaning during the spring, you don’t want to waste your time finding tools you will need. Try to be organized with your tools first before you start cleaning so the work will go smoothly. Remember, being able to complete your cleaning project means you have lots of time to enjoy other spring activities.

For your cleaning project, consider getting an on-the-go cleaning kit. Have a shower caddy filled with multi-purpose cleaners, rags, and sponges. This lets you move easily from one room to the next without having to stop and think of which products to take.

Ensure you Have Clear Goals in Mind

Cleaning your entire house for the spring can be taxing. To make sure you don’t end up being bogged down, have clear goals before you start. This way, you will always have a plan in place even if you decide to perform a part of the job at a time.

Begin with making a step-by-step plan that you can follow. Decide on which rooms you want to clean. No matter how you clean every room, you must focus on moving from one task to the other without hesitation. This is especially true in terms of areas not easy to reach. These include over ceiling fan blades, inside light fixtures, between fridge coils, around door frames, inside the washing machine, and others. Consider the spring as the best time to go above and beyond your regular cleaning regimen. Areas that are rarely thought of tend not to get much attention.