Surprising your Lady with Flowers

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For some me, purchasing or sending flowers to the lady of their life is like trekking in a jungle. There are a lot of flower varieties to choose from and different arrangements that flower should come in. Fortunately, the tips below can make choosing a flower and an arrangement so much easier:

Try to be Spontaneous

To make the woman of your love feel special, give her a surprise. Occasions such as Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, and birthdays are special. Women are used to getting flowers during these times of the year. But, you can surprise your girl without a special occasion. You can give flowers without a particular reason. Girls love surprises and if you want to go beyond the ordinary, give your lady a rose teddy bear you can get form Notta & Belle.

Try Something New

There are many varieties of flowers available these days and people want to see new flowers first-hand. If you want to surprise your girl with something new, think about picking uniquely colored roses or an arrangement of mixed exotic flowers. Giving innovative gifts shows that you seriously thought of a way to delight your woman. She will certainly notice your originality.

Avoid Being Predictable

Generally, prices of roses peak around special occasions like Valentine’s Day so it only makes sense to surprise your love with roses one week earlier. Give her the gift she deserves, something she would not expect. When you do unpredictable actions, she may find it thoughtful and romantic.

Give Roses to Show your Commitment

A stem of a red rose is associated with love and romance and the card message will convey your intentions and feelings towards her. Roses of other colours do not need to be associated with this romantic stigma. Just choose roses based on colours she likes. Or what about dominant colors in her office or home? Also, you can send a bouquet of mixed flowers or a flower arrangement since this fits any occasions.

With the unique appeal and diversity of flowers, they can be given again and again without losing their special qualities. Every new floral arrangement is a fresh declaration of your appreciation and love for her that reflects your thoughtfulness and imagination. Choosing flowers can be a confusing experience, especially if you are new to it. If you are in doubt, you can always ask the floral for some advice. They will make personalised flower gifts that suit her personality.