Organic, Fair Trade Coffee – All the Important Basics on It You Need to Know About!

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The department of Agriculture has set specific standards that should be met for any product to be labeled or termed as “organic”. When it comes to coffee, the producers aren’t allowed to incorporate synthetic or artificial substances like herbicides, fertilizers, and pesticides.

At least 95% of beans of organic fair trade coffee must be grown under proper organic conditions. Let us know more about organic coffee in the following section.Basics on environmental standards

The major intention behind organic standard is to ensure the customers that their product doesn’t have any additives or synthetic ingredients instead of showing that they were produced in an eco-friendly way. Nevertheless, both of them are compatible.

Traditionally, all kind of farming was organic. By following the same traditional practices on the coffee farms, today one can reduce the amount of pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers that enters the ground. It even maintains the partial forest canopy and reduces erosion as well.

Labor standards

While it is true that organic standard isn’t completely focused on enhancing working conditions in the countries where coffee is produced, but it certainly helps. The pesticides that are used on coffee farms don’t really make it to more consumers. Apart from it, the use of these harmful herbicides and pesticides is even a serious health concern for workers. This issue doesn’t exist when it comes to organic coffee.There are many for-profit as well as non-profit organizations that offer inspection services. So, make sure to buy the coffee that is certified as organic!