Looking For the Perfect Platinum Wedding Ring? Here Are Some Tips!

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On the most special day of your life, you would want the most perfect ring. Move over gold, because platinum is here! Known for its eternal beauty and radiance, platinum is a metal meant for celebrating love. Not only it’s stunning to look at, but it is also durable. Naturally, platinum is white in color and works perfectly well for all gemstones, especially diamonds. You don’t have to bother about tarnishing of the metal, and it retains the shine for decades. With all good things said, let’s now talk about buying platinum wedding rings for women.

Things to note

Just like gold, platinum jewelry comes with hallmark, and for rings, you will find in the inner surface. This is an assurance that your ring is pure as stated. Platinum rings can contain parts of other alloys, and common, the choice is between 90% and 95% platinum, the latter being an obvious expensive choice. Platinum is also a hypoallergenic metal, which means that it’s ideal for ladies with sensitive skin. Before you shop, please check your ring size again. Platinum is not a great choice for investment, but something like a wedding, it is an ideal token of rarity and love.

Buying online

Not all online stores that sell platinum are genuine, so beware of the source. Make sure that the seller talks about the alloy used for the ring, because if it contains nickel, you may get an allergic reaction. The ideal choice for the remaining 5% is palladium and gold. With platinum jewelry, you can expect to get lifetime warranty on the product, against manufacturing defect. Also, sellers give a card for authenticity, which can be passed on from one generation to another. Buying online can be tricky, but if the seller offers free delivery and has a returns policy, you have lesser reasons to be concerned.

The style of your wedding ring is important, no matter the metal. You don’t want to go for a giant rock on the top of the platinum ring, especially if you are going to wear it regularly. In case your size is not available or not in stock, sellers can arrange the same, so there’s no reason why you have to compromise. Some rings do come with gold engravings, but even the best designs fade with time. If you are low on budget, always settle for a 95% pure platinum wedding band.