Lightweight And Comfortable StrollersFor Your Child

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The demands of parents and their lifestyle have been transformed over the past decades and their tastes when choosing chairs and strollers as well. Thus came the first lightweight strollers, made of materials such as aluminum and designed to fold easily and fit in the trunk of cars.

And later, comfortable strollers for families who spend a lot of time away from home and, finally, sports cars and chairs for parents who love sports.

Today the offer of chairs and strollers is as varied as the needs that parents have to cover. The strollers are safe and have the necessary retention devices. Most have, in addition, elements available to adapt them to the car. And manufacturer’s brands include in their models of strollers a wide range of products to make life easier for large and small, such as walking bags, rain bubbles, umbrellas and scooters for older siblings.


The main characteristics of these models are their low weight -which usually does not exceed 6 kilos-, the ease of opening and closing them and a compact folding.

There are models with several reclining positions (suitable for newborns) and tray or front barrel, and others simpler, of a position or that do not rest a lot, without the front barrel and that usually are for babies of more than 6 months, who can already sit down.

Some mothers choose simple lightweight strollers, where the baby is sitting upright or just recumbent, as an option for when they are larger or for travel, because being compact and light does not take much place in the trunk of the car and can move without major annoyances.

The Light Ones: chairs and strollers that weigh little.

The strollers can go from 5 to 15 kg. For those families whose daily lives are full of activity, the most advisable is a model that weighs little and folds well. They need it for short distances where lightness and comfort prevail.They want it to fold with ease. And they ask not to have to make a big effort each time they load the trunk.And what about those buildings without an elevator? These are especially comfortable strollers for the day to day in the city.However here are some of the best lightweight strollers:

  • Bob Revolution SE
  • Mountain Buggy Nano
  • Chicco Bravo Trio System
  • Gracco Relay click connects jogging.