Laser Etched Crystal Gifts: A New Gifting Trend

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Crystal gifts featuring laser etching is a new gifting sensation sweeping the country (and the rest of the world) with a wide variety of personalization and customization.  You can select from a huge variety of shapes, sizes, and even lighting. You can have personal images and messages engraved on or even into the crystal for a 3D effect.  Crystal gifts are highly customizable.  The designer takes an image of your choosing to etch into the crystal.  You can usually submit various file types, but the higher the resolution the crisper the image will appear once etched into the crystal.  Using high powered lasers that are ultra-concentrated to imprint your image into the laser for a 3D effect.

Crystal gifts are extremely popular during the holidays, as many people are aiming to commemorate there time together with a long-lasting gift to celebrate the season.  You can immortalize your family moments onto a holiday themed crystal piece that you can reminisce over year after year.  There is no need to worry about fading or discoloration like with photos.  Another common holiday crystal gift is a customized tree ornament featuring a photo of loved ones or children.  Put your family on the tree every year with one of these great ornaments, or send one with each of the kids on them to family members so they can enjoy a unique and fun Christmas present.

Crystal gifts are most often used with personal photos, which makes it a great intimate or sentimental gift to give to someone.  A great photo of children or grandchildren etched into crystal make great gifts for parents and grandparents. You can even give a personalized crystal to celebrate an anniversary or to give to a newly married couple for a wedding present.  No matter the occasion, crystal gifts are a great way to give someone an exceptional present they won’t forget.

Crystal gifts also make great gifts for corporate events.  Why hand out boring old plaques that will gather dust on the shelf when you can give your team an award that will be the centerpiece of their office?  You can put company logos or even a picture of your group in 3D form into a great looking crystal that will mean a lot to the recipient.

This is literally only the beginning of what types of gifts or awards you can create with crystal gifts.  There are so many options, and you can even include special bases that can project light into the crystal to illuminate the image inside.  The options are limited to your imagination, so go see what you can come up with and give someone a great gift!