Important Things to Keep In Mind when Buying a Lawn Mower

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You mow your lawn to give your property a great appeal. However, without the right equipment you won’t be able to achieve this. There are many things you need to take into account including your lawn’s size, whether or not your property has some obstacles and the terrain. Certainly, it’s not easy to mow an acre of property with bushes and trees using a small lawn mower. When buying a lawn mower, consider the following first:

Compatibility of the Mower with your Lawn

For smaller properties, a walk-behind lawn will work since this piece of equipment depends on the power of your legs. You can buy push mowers that are either gas- or electric-powered. There are also reel and manual lawn mowers that depend on human power.

Meanwhile, bigger lawns require a gas-powered riding mower. You can find various models for conventional tractors and zero turn mowers of which blade width, seat heights and start mechanisms vary.

Kinds of Mowers

In terms of riding mowers, they can be the traditional lawn tractors or zero turn mowers. Although conventional lawn tractors are capable of doing of all of you lawn mowing needs, garden style tractors provide more options including soil tilling or furrows digging accessories. Zero turn mowers are rear-wheel driven that have various power controls to provider users greater maneuverability.

Cordless for Electric Models

Cordless models are perfect if you want electric models since you don’t need to be near an electric source. Also, electric models produce less noise than their gas-powered counterparts. To start the majority of mowers, you will need a single touch button electric start or with a conventional pull rope.

Extra Features

Bigger engines provide variability and speed. Rear-wheel drive mowers offer great maneuverability and traction which you will need for steep hills. Mowers that have infinite drive speeds make use of a handlebar control or lever for varying speed without shifting.

You will also appreciate features like a blade-brake clutch to make things a lot easier. Letting go of the handlebar can stop the blade while the engine continues to run. This is something you like when you have to stop to empty clippings.

Ability to Take Care of Clippings

You don’t want to clean up after you just mowed your lawn. If you own a reel mower, this is something you should do. But others mowers like an orchard mower for sale are equipped with rear or side bags which bag, mulch and discharge clippings. This leads to cutting clippings finely to allow for faster easier decomposition. Rear bags are capable of holding more than side bags, but they are usually more expensive.