How to Look Slimmer in your Prom Dress

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Every woman would wish to have a slender physique to look stunning on their prom night. There is something tempting about pulling on a slimming formal dress. But, there is actually no need to try harder because there are some hacks to create an illusion which does what you want.  Below are some dressing tips to look slimmer.

Choose Dark

Sure, we all have a love for pastels and whites. But, if you want to look slimmer on your dress, just keep it dark or black. Think of a fitted black dress that has white side panels which curve inward at your midsection. This can create an impression of a slimmer hourglass figure. Or choose prom dresses for 2019 in all colors that have an all-over pattern or color which becomes darker towards the waist and lighter as it moves away.

Belt It

If you want to look slimmer in your prom dress, leave it to the accessories to do the trick. Consider adding a belt to your look to define your waist and bring the focus there. if you are wearing shapewear, use a dark and massive belt which cinch at your waist. This style will benefit all bodies except apple shapes. Speaking of accessories, wearing statement jewelry, scarf, or bandana can steer the attention away from all unflattering aspects of your prom outfit.

Use Shapewear

Let’s face it. Shapewear is a blessing in disguise. It is capable of taming fat around your midriff, thigh regions, and hip effectively. Also, it serves as a catalyst for making you look slimmer.

Choose the Right Innerwear

Your innerwear plays an important role in making you look slimmer in your prom dress. Avoid wearing a sloppy bra and thongs which give more attention to the busts. Think about wearing a bra which provides a full coverage without those bulges. Ensure you wear stretchable and high-rise underwear to hide the flabs.

Choose Vertical Prints

Don’t wear anything with horizontal prints. Dresses with vertical prints and deep necks are a perfect option to look taller and slimmer. Small printed dresses are exciting options. Also, patterns such as a pencil skirt or A-line cut skirt can surely deal the deal for you.

If you are not so confident about your body, you may have many things in mind that will leave you missing out on fashionable clothing. However, you can resort to the tips above. Also, you should start learning to work with your body with confidence.