How to Customize and Upgrade Your Aquarium Filter?

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The plug and operate filters are the most helpful for almost every setup, in many cases, you want to customize your filtration systems according to your needs. The simplest, affordable and effective way to do that is to use chemical media. It can add gold to your setup, but experts say a no despite the ease of use and it can also boost filter performance in many ways that other media cannot. It can help in controlling phosphate and nitrate levels with no compromise from the water parameters. It can get rid of the toxins that other media cannot. It is also available in bulk for saving on costs. The most commonly used chemical media in the fish tank filter are activated carbon and resin.

  1. Activated carbon

Activated carbon is the most commonly used instance when it comes to chemical filter media. It helps in getting rid of a variety of pollutants like copper, medications, chlorine and other organic and inorganic components, and is particularly helpful in getting rid of odors as well as discoloration. It makes it a must have for anyone who has a showcase aquarium. The most famous chemical media for freshwater helps in effectively getting rid of the dissolved organic wastes as well as ammonia and when it is used with a plastic media bag, it can be installed in any fish tank filters.

  1. Resin

When it comes to the most ideal addition to your filtration system, you can count on resin. This special resin blend can help in effective removal of the trace amounts of heaviest metals, copper, and phenol that can sometimes seep into the water supplies. Resin also helps in adding ferric oxide to the original formula to get rid of the phosphates as well as silicates. These resins can also help your aquatic friends live a healthier life with fewer water alterations. The ability of the resin to sustain and stabilize the high water quality over extended periods of time also makes it a very ideal choice for discus and other setups as well.

  1. Media reactors

When you are aiming for the most optimal results, you should, without a second thought, invest in a media reactor that uses the loose chemical media like the activated carbon or the resin to have the unparalleled chemical filtration.

  1. Zeolites

It is a mineral based media that is porous in composition. It is different from other chemical filter media as it is capable of absorbing and getting rid of ammonia and other nitrogenous compounds from the freshwater aquariums. As a bonus, many kinds of zeolites can quickly get rid of huge ammonia concentrations from the water column. Many forms can also be soaked in saltwater in order to recharge their absorbing features for use within the fish tank filters. It is available in natural as well as synthetic forms. When it is used for the freshwater applications, special zeolite media can also be used for marine fish tanks.