Giving Up the Smoking Habit: Switching to E-cigarettes

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If you have decided to stop smoking but are not sure about what to buy for an e-cig starter kit, you may want to consider a twin starter kit to make the transition much easier. Twin kits feature two batteries, two bottles of e-liquid, and two clearomizers. By doubling up, you will not be tempted to return to regular tobacco cigarettes. You can simply vape your other e-cig if your battery runs out on the first one. Kits feature USB chargers in wired and wireless designs as well as a USB wall adapter. You will also receive a carrying case.

E-liquid Flavours

One of the nice things about switching from smoking traditional cigarettes and choosing vaping are the flavours of e-liquid. You can choose from a variety of offerings. Some of the e-liquid flavours that are available include the following:

  • Cinnamon
  • Cappuccino
  • Vanilla
  • Cola
  • Turkish blend
  • Banana
  • Black cherry
  • Watermelon
  • Blueberry

You can also choose tobacco and rich tobacco flavours. In addition, you can also select the e-liquid strength. If you are a social smoker, select a light or medium e-liquid formula. Average smokers should select a full-flavoured mix. The strength of the e-liquid is based on the amount of nicotine that is in the mix.

Checking the Nicotine Levels

For example, a zero liquid indicates that no nicotine is in the formulation. If you choose a light e-liquid, about 6 milligrams of nicotine has been added. Medium and full-flavoured mixes contain 12 and 18 milligrams, respectively.

If you have decided to switch from smoking to the e-cigarette in Sydney, you will find that a twin starter kit will give you everything you need to make a commitment to vaping. Even if you vape frequently, the battery will last, on average, about 15 hours.

Since we live in a world that is increasingly health-conscious, it is important to make provisions that improve your own health and the health of the people around you. To support this effort, you need to review the health advantages associated with e-cigarettes. One recent finding states that e-cigarettes are about 95% less harmful than smoking tobacco cigarettes.

Plus, you can save money when you choose to vape instead of smoke traditional cigarettes. In fact, e-cigarettes are far less expensive than lighting up. Vaping also is not stigmatised socially like smoking.

How the E-cig Works

E-cig vaping begins the minute you press a button on the device’s battery. When this occurs, a connection is made between the clearomizer on the device and the e-cigarette. The e-liquid in the device is heated, which causes it to vaporize. When the vapor is inhaled, it replicates smoking regular cigarettes. However, the activity is far less harmful. No lingering odours are created nor is the vaper and others exposed to the toxic chemicals in traditional cigarette smoke.