Get your Diamond from an Authorized Dealer to Avoid Embarrassment in Public

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Diamonds are a favourite of every person. That crystal ball with sparkling white colour is a mark of purity. Engagement rings, solitaire, pendant and many more are charming items. Women were the ones who were more interested in diamonds but even men are now being inclined towards it.

People have a mindset that going to a bigger store means spending a lot of money on one item. As they charge you for cuts and finishing. This forces them to approach small diamond dealers which may sound reasonable. Here is what we don’t know, not all small diamond brokers and diamond dealers are authentic. They might provide you a fake diamond without you even noticing it.

In case, you have an old diamond ring and you wish to get it cleaned, you approach an ordinary dealer because it isn’t a big deal. However, you may never know they will take out the original and put in the fake one without your knowledge. So, where do you think you should buy your diamonds from?

Here are few things that can help you better –

  • Check the reputation of the dealer that you wish to approach. This can be done by checking online or talking to their customers, if their feedback isn’t good then don’t look for more reviews simply start searching for a new dealer.
  • Check their diamond quality by finding if they are certified by laboratory like AGS, IGI or GIA.
  • If you wish to confirm the item you got is certified then compare the price with the other dealers. Ask for quotes from different dealers that will provide you an idea.

  • A renowned dealer will always educate you well about diamonds that they’re selling so that you know about the cut, clarity, carat and colour. If they can’t spend time with you then, there are many more dealers to look forward to.
  • Good dealers will have knowledgeable staff who can provide you all information about diamonds that you choose.

  • It would be wise to find out their return policy. There should be 100% refund in case of any damage. Ensure that all return policy should be given in written.
  • Check if the dealer deals in diamonds that are conflict free. They will have all paper work that will prove that diamonds were legally imported.

There are many dealers who will attract you with their pricing. It is wise not to move towards the wrong direction, rather follow the steps mentioned above and buy a long-lasting diamond.