Fragrance Buying: You can Never Go Wrong with this Guide

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With the many perfume options to choose from in the market, finding the right perfume for you can be overwhelming. Although it can easier to stick to what you’ve always been wearing, you want to try something new. Plus, you don’t want to wear that 1990 version forever, do you?

The perfume you wear is a personal choice and that what makes you feel confident and great. It is not a fragrance your best friend wears since his or hers might not work for you. Whether you are looking to buy fragrance online or in retail stores, make sure you know what you are getting. Fragrances are categorized based on certain characteristics and the following will help you make the right choice:

Groups of Fragrances

Here are some fragrance categories:

  • Floral scents encompass various blossoms and include notes of gardenia, jasmine, rose, carnation and others. Depending on the mix, these scents can be sweet or powdery. If you like the scent of a certain flower, consider trying fragrances which include notes of it.
  • Green notes belong to this category. These include airy notes, light citruses and fresh-cut grass. These are perfect choices if you are an adventure lover or an outdoor person.
  • This group is composed of exotic, rich and bold notes. Notes such as vanilla and amber are usually present in this group. Fragrances in this group are perfect for romantic occasions or evening wear.

  • The aromatic wood and moss notes belong to this group. This group may also include pine and patchouli. Because of the woody scents’ richness, a lot of the masculine fragrances belong in this group.

Fragrances Based on User Personalities

The best way to choose a fragrance is to choose it based on your personality. Consider this guide:

  • Sporty. If you like the outdoors and want to be always on the go, you may choose citrus, fresh fragrance. You want a fragrance that complements your personality instead of one that gives you an edge.

  • Elegant. You are probably a formal-party person and fragrance is an important part of your outfit. Oriental fragrances will never disappoint you. They tend to stand out and last for a long time.
  • Girl He Takes Home to Mom. If you have this appeal, you are best wearing clean, fresh scents like woody florals. Woody notes tend to bring out your appeal despite your being a shy type of lady.