Everything you Wanted to Know about Solar Panels

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There is no denying the fact that the portable solar panels are a great innovation. They are ideal not just for frequent campers but for all those that are on the move and cannot simply rely on their trailer batteries for interior illumination. The solar panels can charge the RV batteries when they are not plugged into the shore power which is usually the case when you dry camp or boondock.

Types of Solar Panels

If you are the types that dry camps, most of the time, then you will need the solar panels to charge up your batteries. However, there are different types of solar panels available making it essential for you to make a choice, wisely. Here are the different types of solar panels:

Roof Mounted: These panels are the easiest to work with as they are permanently mounted on the roof the RV or camping trailer. There is no need to pull them out, put them up and use them as they are always there. However, they can be difficult to produce the required solar power if you intend to park your trailer in the shades. Moreover, you will often have to climb the top of your trailer to clean the solar panels and keep them sparkling.

Portable Solar Panels: As compared to the fixed solar panels, the portable solar panels for sale are definitely better as they allow you to park your trailer in the shade while they are placed in the sun.Pros of the Portable solar panels

  • Perfect for those that camp occasionally and do not require too much volt power
  • You can park your trailer in the shade and let the portable panel charge up in the sun
  • They can be efficiently used for expanding the system capability during mornings and evenings when the angle of the sun is low.
  • The portable solar panels for sale being grounded are easier to clean as compared to the roof mounted ones.

Variants of Portable Solar Panels Available

The first portable solar panels were a revolutionary product in their times. However, they were made of glass, were bulky and took a lot of space. Next came in the solar blankets which were far better than their predecessors in terms of having foldable solar panels. Nevertheless, even they had their share of problems. Next to come in line are the solar mats which are better than the blankets. However, the Crocskin portable solar panels for sale from Hard Korr are the latest in the industry.