Choosing the Biking Helmet that Suits your Type of Cycling

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Whatever path you are following while riding your bike, it is important to ensure you have a head protection. For this purpose, you need a bike helmet o make sure your head is protected in case of a crash or collision. Bike helmets must fit securely and comfortably as well as offer adequate ventilation. More than just the government regulation, you will want to wear a helmet for your own safety.

How are Helmets Designed?

Helmets designed for cyclists are composed of an expanded polystyrene foam liner and a hard outer shell. The foam liner is meant to compress and absorb shock on impact while the outer shell to protect the foam liner from damages. Cycling helmets can have an in-molded construction work by fusing together these two parts for more strength and longevity. Learn more about this from Gear For Venture.

Picking the Best Bike Helmet

Your choice of bike helmet depends on your riding style whether you use the bike to rush to work or take a few hours of mounting biking. The budget you should set for a helmet will also determine helmet’s protection level, fit quality and weight. If you want to prioritize comfort and extra features, then you should be investing in premium bike lids. But regardless of your preferred style, you must own a helmet that you can afford and gives you a comfortable shield.

Kinds of Cycling Helmets

Choosing a helmet depends on the kind of cycling you do. You may be interested in the following:

  • Road cycling.  For this kind of biking, you will need a lightweight helmet that has lots of air vents. This helps you keep feeling cool while putting in more miles.
  • Mountain biking. This requires a more robust helmet and one that offers more head coverage. Picking contemporary designs ensures there is extra emphasis on comfort.
  • Urban cycling. When cycling for leisure, you need a lightweight and well-ventilated helmet that has some style. Look for stylish lids that you can perfectly wear for casual riding and city commuting.
  • Downhill and bike park rides. This type of cycling requires wearing a full-face bike helmet so that your head, teeth, cheeks and jaw are covered. Because this helmet has minimal ventilation and tends to be heavier than standard biking helmets, it is not recommended for uphill biking.

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