Check These Five Tips Before Shopping Vintage Clothing!

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Like everyone else, you are probably interested in yesteryear fashion. After all, vintage fashion is likeable, unique, and most importantly – classic. If you want to shop for vintage clothing London, we have some quick tips that may come handy.

  • Understand the term. Everything that’s old is not vintage. This is something that people don’t understand. So, what’s vintage? Well, something that is known for timelessness, or for being special for a certain era. Some vintage items can be more expensive than others, simply because these were preserved better, or have more historical or even fashion significance. Something that you find in a thrift store is not vintage, and vintage stores don’t store thrift items either.

  1. Know your fashion. Did you know that fashion of 1930s was hugely influenced by the depression and economic hardships of that time, which eventually led to the widespread use of peasant and rough textured fabrics? If you intend to indulge in vintage clothing, you need to know your fashion. You can find a lot of posts online on each of the decades, and knowing these smaller aspects can come handy while exploring the choices.
  2. Shop online. There are a few stores that exclusively stock vintage clothing from different decades, and shopping from these online retail outlets is much easier. First and foremost, you don’t need to search between brands, and secondly, you can choose the kind of vintage style you are looking for. Let’s say you want to try the shell suit from the 80s. It is very likely that you will find a sorted collection on one of the online vintage stores.

  1. Follow the rules. If something seems too small for your size, don’t pick it up hoping to lose some weight. Similarly, don’t be eager to buy something too large. In case of a knits, you need to be a tad more careful. Not all vintage items are preserved well, so if the fabric is not perfect and there are issues with the design, buttons and other details, the product should be cheaper than its usual price.

  1. For certain vintage items, especially ones made of fur and silk, be careful of the quality. If you are choosing a handbag, check that all the smaller elements are working as intended. Vintage is likeable because the products bear the aging signs, so don’t shy away from them, but avoid the ones that damage the appeal of the concerned item.

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