Buying Golf Irons: Consider Types and Shafts

Before you step into a golf course, you want to ensure you have the right set of irons to achieve an all-time personal best. You use irons on each hole you play. Golf irons cover nearly every shot. A set of iron is usually composed of eight irons that include 3-iron through the 9-iron, a gap wedge, and a pitching wedge.

An iron set is made to progress from the lower-lofted, longer clubs to the higher-lofted, shorter clubs. Length and loft progression provides you with the appropriate distance trajectory gaps for various shots while you play the course. When picking the irons that complement your game, you need to keep the following factors in mind:

Kinds of Irons

Every iron is designed to suit a particular skill level. The following are the different kinds of iron sets available in the market today:

  • Game improvement irons. These irons are perfect for mid-level golfers who want to benefit from a forgiving design. This kind of irons comes with a longer face length to accommodate off-center hits and a wider sole for turf forgiveness.
  • Super game-improvement irons. These are irons for beginners. They are designed to have extra forgiveness and improved distance. They can help in launching the ball into the air. These irons feature a big clubface, face technology, and a wider sole. They have cavity-back and hollow clubhead.
  • Players irons. This kind of irons offers experience and skilled golfers the control to play various shots with a better feel. They feature a more conventional look, reduced offset, shorter blade lengths, thinner top lines, and narrow sold widths.
  • Players distance irons. This type of irons mixes some of the best features from game-improvement and players irons. They come with the workability of a players iron set; however, add the distance of golf improvement irons.

Iron Shaft

The iron shaft can affect the performance of the iron. Shafts can be:

  • Graphite. Graphite shafts are flexible and lightweight. They can produce an increased swing speed.
  • Steel. These are the heaviest shafts. They produce less flex and require more work to swing.  However, they can be more accurate and consistent.
  • Multi-material. A number of shafts combine graphite and steel. These are shafts that can help players enjoy a more increased control of the ball flight.

Shaft flex also varies such as stiff, extra stiff, ladies, senior, and regular. Your choice will depend on the kind of swing you have.

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