A Guide to Opening Your Own Bar

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For many, successfully running a bar would be considered to be somewhat of a dream job. Most of us spend a lot of time socialising in bars, pubs and clubs so what could be better than combining the love of alcohol with being around it 7 days a week and making money?

If you’ve ever had similar aspirations, this guide will serve you well in teaching you exactly what you need to know to get started.

Ascertain the Barriers to Entry

The key to doing anything well in life is taking the time to really plan what you’re going to do, and opening and running a business is no different. It might even be said that running a bar comes with its own unique set of complications that need to be taken into account.

Your first step is to really study the regulations and legislation that surround the operation of any bar or establishment serving alcohol. These regulations may vary from district to district so we suggest getting in touch with your local authority for further advice.

The timeline for applying for all the correct paperwork to opening your doors will take at least a year.

Formulate a Plan

Once you’ve gotten your head around the legislation, it’s time to brainstorm. You probably already have some sort of idea as to the type of bar you wish to open but this should be fleshed out further. Some of the important decisions to be made include:

  • Your operating model and the overall direction of the business
  • The number of staff you intend to hire as well as how much this will cost you
  • The type of drinks you’re willing to serve as well as whether you will offer a food menu
  • The theme of the bar as well as the requirements for the interior fit out

We suggest you really develop your business plan and consider bringing a lawyer and accountant on board.

Find a Site

If you haven’t already done so, it’s time to find the right location. We would consider this to be one of the most crucial aspects of getting the process right so choose wisely. The wrong venue which doesn’t see enough of or the wrong type of through traffic will be tough to make work.

Order Your Barware

You’ve come a long way. You’ve found the perfect venue and have hired your team of staff – your next step is purchase inventory. You will need alcohol as well as the tools required to mix and serve it. One supplier of cocktail making accessories and glasses is Barware & More who offer online delivery across Australia. We suggest compiling a list of what you need and getting in touch with a few vendors to secure the best deal.

Obtain Your Liquor License

This is it. The only thing left preventing you from opening your doors. Any work to the premises required would have needed a development application which you will already have. You will need to draft a community impact statement to obtain your license which should be submitted in conjunction with any supporting paperwork you have.

Once your license comes through, you’re free to open for business and create the entertainment venue of your dreams.