Features That Will Make You Buy Mercedes G-Class 2019

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The old Mercedes-Benz G-class has proved its potential to conquer tough terrains. It even offers car owners safety and comfort, while on the road. The new G-class model is also a perfect option because it is redesigned to handle harsh environment.

For those who desire a badass off-road car blended with luxury then Mercedes G class is the one. It is an awesome model that has evolved but is true to its Mercedes-Benz legacy. Technology and time changes but Mercedes G-wagen remains timeless even with its hefty price tag.

Facts about G-class

G-class still remains totally updated with respect to its interiors and exteriors.

  • “Gelände­wagen” in Germany means cross-country vehicle.
  • The rigid frame is hand welded and then 15 liters of hot wax is flowed through to resist any corrosion.
  • Its galvanized steel body is welded at over 6000 points.
  • Virtually everything inside ranging from wiring to its refined cabin points is hand-crafted, fitted, and finished manually.
  • Each G-class takes 40 hours to get completed. After that it is tested stringently and approved.

Features of redesigned Mercedes-Benz G-class 2019

The new model has swapped live front axle with independent front suspension. G-wagen keeps everyone inside seated comfortably blasting down a trail at insane speed with impressive body control features. How did engineers manage this?

Frame’s rigidity has increased by 34% and body stiffness has enhanced by 50%.

The body is just 0.67” wide but tracks got 4.4” widened. Fording depth has been raised and bought up to 27.6”.

The departure, approach, and break-over angles are enhanced by 1° and tilt is enhanced to 35°. Front axle suspension offers 3.35” jounce and 3.94” rebound. Rear axle suspension gains 3.23” jounce and 5.59” rebound.

Rear axle location is switched from three to five link that includes new transfer case, front differential is moved higher from the gorund and fuel tank is placed ahead of rear axle. New 9-speed transmissions also get swapped.

The important basics are still there. The G-wagen is seated on a ladder frame, retains three locking differentials, and side pipe exhaust. Low range mode needs to be selected, when transmission is neutral. High range can be moved up to 43 mph.

New off-drive mode or G-mode feature automatically optimizes the steering, throttle, dampers, and shift times during off-road conditions.

The new G-wagen has become more beastly for off-road rides, but with improved features.